Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I stand up for myself

I stand up for myself and my ideas. I stand up for myself verbally, physically, and with my actions.

Verbally - I say what I really think without catering to the person listening. Here in America there is a lot of hierarchy in conversation, but I opt out of that. I am my own person, I speak with a loud and clear voice because I'm proud of who I am and I want to be heard. I never talk down about myself and always focus on the positive.

Actions - I get what I want through my actions. I have goals for myself which are meaningful to me and I NEVER DO what will sabotage myself in reaching for that goal. I do make mistakes and embrace trial and error, but I do not get stuck or move backwards. I create the life that I want to live every day, a life that is fulfilling to me. My actions belie the respect I have for myself.

Physically - I eat, rest, and exercise for health. If I want to look a certain way then I will. I defend myself by fighting if I have to, and I'm not afraid. I have courage to face anyone that tries to fight with me. I take care that I have good posture. I stretch every morning.

I stand up for myself in everything I do. I respect myself and love being me. In the past If I have not stood up for myself, that's ok. That's who I was, that was then, it happened and it's gone. The present is far better than the past and the future. The present is all I have. Right now in this moment, and every moment, I love myself. I stick up for me now, now now.

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