Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kids warm my heart

I have a big heart. I want everyone to have an open, happy life, like a flower newly opened. I think of working with kids and what I would tell them every day. It would sound like the things I tell myself every day.

You are important, so important that I would cry for you if you disappeared.

You are smart all the time. When you make mistakes don't get mad at yourself. It doesn't mean anything about you when you make mistakes. You are smart and capable.

You're funny! You brighten my day and other people's day.

You are strong. Even if you're afraid to play with other kids, or afraid to try to play baseball at recess, just remember that you're strong, and anyone that's strong can play whatever game they want.

Do me a favor and say those things to yourself every night, and after 100 days look in the mirror. It will all be true :)

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